Guide for Coaches

Ignite the Passion for Volleyball!

Do you think you have what it takes to become a Spikezone Coach? Read on to find out more…

What Qualities Do You Need to be a Spikezone Coach?

If you are an enthusiastic, energetic individual, who likes to create fun, learning environments for kids to grow and be active, then becoming a Spikezone Coach could be for you.

What is the Role of The Spikezone Coach?

A coach within a Spikezone program is not viewed as a typical coach of participants. This is because the development of skills is not the primary focus of a Spikezone Coach.

The primary focus for a Spikezone Coach is primarily a promotional one. The major role of a Spikezone coach is to promote the sport of Volleyball in such a way that the participants attending Learn to Play sessions will enjoy themselves and then choose to enrol in future Spikezone competitions. This outcome is significantly more likely when participants at a session have a great time and a positive experience rather than learn how to correctly perform a particular skill.

The role of a Spikezone Coach is to:

  • Provide a fun and active session that will offer participants a positive first experience of the sport
  • Promote Spikezone competition opportunities and encourage participants to enter a program in the near future and
  • Offer some opportunity for skill development and learning by participants


Do You Need Volleyball Experience?

Not necessarily. Whilst it is a requirement that all Spikezone Coaches have completed an entry-level Volleyball coaching course, it isn’t important that you have Volleyball playing or coaching experience.

What Qualifications Do You Need?

It is recommended that a Coach is appropriately trained to perform their role to increase the likelihood of success.
Suitable training activities for a Coach include the following:

  • Hold a Level 1 Volleyball / Beach Volleyball Coach accreditation
  • Up to date Working with Children check in your state
  • Observation of delivery of a Spikezone Coaching session by an experienced Coach; and
  • A review of the Coach be conducted at their first Coaching session to provide feedback on their performance and identify areas for improvement


How Do You Find Out More Information?

For full details of Volleyball Australia’s Coach Education and Development Program, including links to register via your state association, visit their website.

For other assistance including enquiries related to coaching Spikezone, it is recommended that the first point of contact is with your local State Spikezone Coordinator via our contact form.