Spikezone Centres

About Spikezone Centres

What is a Spikezone Centre?

Spikezone Centres are your local venue for learning and playing in Spikezone Volleyball activities. Spikezone activities can be held at a local school hall or indoor leisure centre, a park, or a beach.

In order to run and a manage an official Spikezone Centre, operators are required to be officially endorsed by Volleyball Australia through its member state network.

How Can I Start a New Spikezone Centre?

Spikezone is Growing! New centres are launching Australia-wide.
Spikezone Centres can be operated by affiliated Volleyball clubs, local Volleyball associations, approved Volleyball coaches or private leisure providers.

To enquire about starting your own Spikezone Centre pleaseĀ contact your local Spikezone Volleyball State Coordinator.

How Can I Find My Nearest Spikezone Centre?

Head to the Where to Play page and type in your suburb and select your search radius. You will be directed to a list of your local centres with all of the relevant contact details.

How Do I Access Official Spikezone Centre Operator Documentation?

All official Spikezone Centre operators have access to a range of handy resources to assist them in the successful running of their Spikezone operation.

Resources include:

  • Spikezone Operators Manual
  • Operations Checklists
  • Centre Management documentation
  • Coaching Lesson Plans
  • Promotional Materials
  • Mobile App Downloads
  • and more…