Learn to Play

About Spikezone Learn to Play

What is it?

As the name suggests, Spikezone ‘Learn to Play’ programs are a series of entry-level skill and game-related coaching sessions for Volleyball or Beach Volleyball.


The courses are designed especially for primary and early secondary school students aged between 8 and 13 years and are conducted by accredited Volleyball Australia coaches over a 6-8 week period at local venues and schools.

How does it fit in with a full Spikezone Program?

A full Spikezone Program involves both introductory game-orientated ‘Learn to Play’ courses followed by competitive ‘Play’ opportunities in either tournaments or regular Spikezone weekly league format. Following a ‘Learn to Play’ course, players will be equipped to move to the next level and test themselves with their teammates in more competitive games.

What will you learn?

All of the basic skills of Volleyball will be covered, in a fun game-orientated way. The main learning outcome for the ‘Learn to Play’ courses is for kids to have an understanding of how to play Spikezone Volleyball, what skills to use and how to work together in teams.


The main skills of Volleyball include:


  • Serving
  • Passing
  • Setting
  • Spiking
  • Blocking
  • Digging

What is the schedule?

Depending on the venue and whether organised by your school or as part of an after-school or weekend program, the schedule and times will vary. A standard ‘Learn to Play’ course runs for between 6-8 weeks and involves 1-2 45 minute sessions per week.

How often are courses run?

Courses generally run each school term to match with the requirements of participating schools. However, as mentioned above, depending on timeframes this can be more or less often.

What is Spikezone Schools and is it different to Spikezone 'Learn to Play'?

Spikezone Schools is the modified Volleyball program created to align with the Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC) Sporting Schools program. The ASC provides funding to predominantly primary schools to meet the costs of running a Spikezone ‘Learn to Play’ program in their school. In many cases, Spikezone Schools and a Spikezone ‘Learn to Play’ course are the same thing. The difference is in the funding support and process for applying for the ‘Learn to Play’course. Click through for more information on Spikezone Schools

Where can I register?

To register for a Spikezone ‘Learn to Play’ course please contact your nearest Spikezone Centre or your local State Volleyball Association for more information.

Where can I 'Learn to Play'?

To find out where you can join a Spikezone ‘Learn to Play’ course, head on over to the Spikezone Centre Locator on our Where to Play page.

Here you can search by suburb to find your nearest centre. If there isn’t one close to you, contact your local state Volleyball association and they can provide you more information about how to join a course or get your own school involved.