About Spikezone Play

Get your friends together, form a team and test your skills against others in a fun and friendly, action-packed environment!

What is it?

‘Spikezone Play’ is a fun and action-packed, modified Volleyball competition especially for girls and boys aged 8 -13 years.

It’s a face-paced 30-40 minute game of Volleyball, using a smaller sized court, a lower net, a softer and lighter ball with less players on the court so everyone touches the ball more often! Depending on the age and level of experience, slight rule changes can be used to ensure the rallies are longer and a lot more fun.

‘Spikezone Play’ – like Volleyball, is about getting the ball over the net in three hits and winning the rally by hitting the ball down into your opponent’s court. Rallies are also won if your opponent’s hit lands outside of the court or they fails to hit the ball back over the net.

How is it Different to Spikezone ‘Learn to Play’?

‘Spikezone Play’, is the opportunity for friends to join teams and play regular matches against others from their local area – in either tournament or weekly league format.

Spikezone ‘Learn to Play’ as the name suggests, is all about learning to play Spikezone Volleyball. ‘Learn to Play’ courses run over a number of weeks, introducing kids to the sport of Volleyball in a fun, game-orientated way.

What is The Format?

‘Spikezone Play’ competitions are organised using a weekly league format, usually after-school, but times can vary depending on the schedule of your local Spikezone Centre. ‘Spikezone Play’ tournaments can also be held as more of a one-off opportunity for players to compete. Tournaments are often held at the end of a ‘Learn to Play’ course, to give players a taster prior to joining a ‘Spikezone Play’ weekly competition.

What is The Schedule?

The exact schedule depends on the timetable at your local Spikezone Centre. However, common scheduling is after-school between 4-6pm and/or Saturday mornings.

How Often Are Competitions Run?

Generally, new ‘Spikezone Play’ competitions are commencing at the beginning of each school term. Please check with your local Spikezone Centre or State Volleyball Association for details specific to your area.

Is There Any Coaching?

Each ‘Spikezone Play’ team is required to have a team manager/parent/coach to help organise the team each week. The role of this person is largely to promote a fun environment by ensuring every player receives equal opportunity to play and generally has a great time enjoying playing the game. There may be small elements of coaching within the game, but more often than not, ‘the game teaches the game’.

For more information on coaching in Spikezone please check out the ‘Learn to Play‘ page or contact your local state Volleyball association for further information about junior clubs and coaching opportunities in your area.

Where Can I Register?

Registration information is available via your local Spikezone Centre or state Volleyball association. They can provide all the info you need on available competitions, venues and how to register a team in your local area.